Fêtes religieuses

Le 24 décembre, nous decorons l'arbre de Noël. Nous mangeons du carp avec de la salade des pommes de terre. Nous offrirons les cadeaux à nos amis.

Our Christmas are very typical. 24 December we celebrate Christmas Eve. We decorate the Christmas tree. It's usually an evergreen. In the evening whole family come together and have a dinner. Our typical meal is carp with potato salad. Then we go to the Christmas tree and we give presents to our family and friends. We make lots of sweets too.

Nous pouvons fêter les pâques de 23. mars jusqu 'a 26 avril. Les filles ornent les oeufs et ils donnent les oeufs aux garçons Nous mangeons de l'agneau de pâques. Pâques sont une féte religieuse. Nous célébrons le retourné de Jesus Christ.

Easter is an Christian holiday. We celebrate the Jesus Christ' s return from dead. We can have this holiday from 23 March to 26 April. These holiday start on Thursday - the Green Thursday. They continue the Big Friday, the White Saturday, the Palm Sunday and the Easter Monday. We cook the little Easter lamb. Boys make "pomlázka".It's usually eight little willow branches tied together. They go around the village and they want from girls some painted eggs, when girls don?t want to give them those eggs, boys can whip girls with their "pomlázka" they whip them so the girls stay young and healthy).

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